Marvelous Maldives where the Sunshine, Sky, Sea, and Sand make you Smile: Five Things that makes Maldives the Wonder of Modern World

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There are the Seven (ancient) Wonders of the World and there are the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, but there is only one Wonder of the Earth, the Marvelous Maldives, the only place where the mighty Sun has its magic on the nature.

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OF all the breathtakingly beautiful places of the Planet Earth, the aerial view of the Maldives is one of the most unique and mesmerizing scene on the face of the earth, if not the most beautiful. Probably there is no other place on the earth like the garland of 1192 maldives across the equator, southwest of India in the Indian ocean. The way the fifty shades of blue crosses the Indian Ocean and transforms to the white of the sandy beach encircling a green island gives only a preview of the Paradise of the earth.

The Sunny Side of Life

It’s the place on the earth where the mighty sun has its magic on the nature, the location on the earth’s surface where the Sun teases virgin islands. Found  within a few degrees of the equator the Maldives receives plenty of sunshine with an average of seven hours a day, the temperature is the same all year round between a maximum of 31 degrees Celsius during the day to 29 degrees in the night. Life without sunlight is gloomy and is necessary; few other places get the same level of sunshine. One can live a natural life without the need for heaters; air-conditioning is not a necessity; a lizard may watch you take an outdoor shower. These are characteristics of the Sunny Side of Life. Plainly described as the pleasant weather that makes every visitor smile with the first step on the tarmac at Ibrahim Nasir  International Airport.

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The Spiritual Side of life

Represented by the blue sky, the atmosphere is clean with fresh air  and no pollution. Any unpleasant gases or smell is taken far away by the wind, constant breeze that gives clean air and the smell of nature. As soon as a person takes a breath into the atmosphere, it puts a maldive smile on your face, relaxing the whole body, every muscle takes the right shape, every cell releases tension. It is the feeling of being to where you belong, the feeling of meeting the nature.   Looking in to the blue sky, breathing the fresh air, there is no tension, no stress, a wave of complete relaxation propagates from your head across the body past your toes to the core of the earth. The Spiritual  Side of Life where you learn the art of doing nothing.

The Colorful Side of Life

You have seen all the cool colors that makes you relax and that is all you need for a healthy and happy life. The necessities of life for everybody, but there is the colourful side of the Maldives represented by blue green lagoon and blue sea. The marine garden of fish and corals in every colour imagined. This is not for everybody, this is for those who loves the luxury and colours, those who enjoy the snorkeling and diving. The Maldives has one of the most spectacular collections of marine life in beautiful and delicate coral gardens of underwater.

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The Romantic Side of Life

Sand that is white is to play with one’s kids, or partners, something that cannot be imagined on Mount Everest. White is undoubtedly the most beautiful colour  and is so romantic. Take a picture wearing white garments or any other colour,  even with no garments there will be no need to adjust the background on a sandy beach. It will be the picture of a lifetime. The white sandy beach can be best enjoyed behaving like kids, playing different games, chasing each other, making and destroying each other’s makings on the sand. You just have to be you, and enjoy life on the sands, it’s  romance in silence. There is nothing to worry, that you are surrounded by nature; nature is where you belong, the habitat for mankind.

The Human Side of Life

Sun, sky, sea and sand represents the nature. You cannot  be disappointed by nature because that is where you belong. All the stress vanishes  once you are in a maldive, happy both inner and outer. Interaction with nature will only make you happy. Now is the people factor. The people of the Maldives, though small, we are a kind people. Since we are born stress free and brought up in a beautiful and clean environment as described above, we have everything that a man requires for happiness. Hence the relaxation and enjoyment that you experience is in us. That makes us kindhearted; the people that live the kind of  life are born to be friendly and peaceful people. As the guardians of the paradise of the earth, Maldivians have always welcomed the people of the world. The Smiles of the people represent the fifth reason why the  Maldives is in its own class of wonders.

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Maldives the New World  Wonder

The introduction of the word atoll itself signifies the fact that there was no such thing as the islands of Maldives anywhere on earth, and there exists no such a piece of land elsewhere with the same constituents as a maldive. The emergence of one of the newest or youngest landmass on living corals out of the dead volcanic rocks not only marveled the scientists. The phenomenal appearance of heaven-like islands billions of years later close to the end of times is simply miraculous. Likewise, inspired by a European Traveler and Explorer, it is the ingenuity and engineerity young Maldivians that brought a whole new concept and definition to the of world  tourism and holidaying in modern times and for the future.


Maldives Redefines the Wonder

There are two types of wonders considered by thinkers of Wonders of the World. The Wonder that comes from nature and that of the ancient world. Mankind’s natural wonder is Man’s natural home where the sun, sky, sea, and sand make him smile, the maldives.  The wonder that all the people of the world can enjoy.

As the New World Wonder, the maldives that brought a new concept to tourism and a definition of holiday making. One that brings you good news of the future paradise rather the extreme opposite of the ancient world.

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