Marvelous Maldives: the reason for Holidaying

idyllic maldives

Travel for holidaying has been a habit of man for a  long time. Whichever is the time period, human beings  started to travel from one place to another. what could be the reason for leaving the place that one calls home and go live somewhere else even for a short time?idyllic kanddholhudhoo

Why would you want to travel in the first place? Just for the purpose of holidaying? Why cannot one spend vacation at the place where he/she lives. Some animals or even birds are known to migrate with change of seasons. And they come back to their home at the end of the season. But this is by no means a  holidaying for those organisms.  It’s part of their survival; to avoid extreme environmental conditions that would put their life in jeopardy. This is not the case for humans? Being able to survive extreme conditions anywhere on earth, it is not running  away from danger.

Why would somebody want to travel to another destination? In search of happiness, joy, comfort, or experience, the fulfillment of a desire within oneself. It seems to be a spiritual desire, an intangible, explainable need that comes within the self. This is probably a built-in feature  of who we are as humans. Something in us is seeking to fulfill a need. It’s part of us, of who we are.idyllic island kandolu

What is that man is looking for and what gives that high level of spiritual experience. His basic needs of life are,  food, air to breathe and shelter, the very fundamental needs. You may have already realized what I am arriving at.  The third factor, shelter or habitat

Yes the Maldives, the habitat for mankind. Man has always been searching for the best habitat. The place where human being are both physically and spiritually relaxed, satisfied. The environment where the conditions are at optimum for thriving of life. The tropical paradise consisting of 1200 maldives is where man finds enough sunshine all round year, sufficient rain, clear blue skies with fresh air, the huge sea of  the crystal clear water encircling an island across 50 shades of blue.  The romantic side of life on white sandy beaches  surrounding  green islands.idyllic maldives 080616

Maldives is the ultimate destination of mankind on earth and the reason for holidaying. For billions of people who need to go through the thrilling experience there is only a few hundreds of these islands. A once-in-a-life-time must for everyone; its Visit Maldives Year 2016, the friendly people of the islands are looking forward to welcome one and a half millions by the end of the year. Welcome to the Marvelous Maldives, the Spiritual Side of Life.