Marvelous Maldives Experience at Omadhoo Kuri Inn – Nothing Like it

Kuri Inn Guest house

How would you like to be a fisherman, just like a Maldivian?…. Oh! I knew you would say that. Many people would like to live a day as a fisherman, the thrilling experience  of catching a fish yourself, specially a big one for the first time in your life; is no less than what Christiano Ronaldo feels after scoring a winning goal against Messi’s Barcelona. It’s a marvelous experience in the idyllic Maldives. It is possible if you plan to spend a week or two at Kuri Inn, in Omadhoo, Ari Atoll Maldives.

Kuri inn idyllic maldives

Enjoying the sunny side of life

Human Side of Life

Omadhoo is less than one and a half hours on a ferry from Male’. As one of the  inhabited islands of the island nation just under three square kilometers with the same beautiful features of a pristine tropical island: with  a spectacular white sandy beach, that beautiful clear lagoon and an amazingly stunning house reef. The best part of the island is, it is a residential island with a village-like area that is home to a population of one thousand people whose livelihood is mainly dependent on fishing. You can experience the traditional and simple life style of the Maldivians, enjoy the local food in one of the 3 cafes. You will not be bored even on your own, just talk to one of the friendly locals and make yourself home.

How about a fishing trip

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5 star service at village level

The fishermen of Omadhoo do the Yellow Fin tuna type of fishing. This is a fishing trip which could go on as long as one week. If you are that adventurous backpacker type  of traveler, it may be worth. It is possible to get you attached to one of the fishing boats to experience environment friendly fishing done in the Maldives.

Five Star Service at Village Level

maldives budget tourism

lost in a deserted maldive

Kuri Inn is a villa-like guest house with just 4 comfortable rooms, air-conditioned with attached toilets. If you are environment friendly, why not experience sleeping without air conditioning, you have the ceiling fan option like the local people.   You could have your meals at the guesthouse served in a cozy outdoor setting, and a variety of dishes are available. It’s a five star level service that is a possible in a small village like fishing island. You will certainly give a rating as high as 9 out of 10 for the money you spend.

Lost in  a deserted island

There are a lot more things you can do in an island like Omadhoo. There are no fancy water sports like Jet Ski, but you can enjoy activities of nature. If you are looking for an island all for yourself to spend the whole day it could be organized, you wouldn’t have to spend anything to enjoy the beach or the island. You could simply get lost into the island if you don’t know what to do, only to find yourself back on the same beach again. Confused!  You go back inside again and in a few minutes you are back to start.  Again and again the same thing happens. You think you really got lost. Wait a minute, where are your foot step marks of the previous rounds? You cannot find them, you are on a deserted island, all alone, terrified? Survival instinct comes, only then you realize it’s just a small island.

Budget Tourism

Spiritual side of life

There are two or three such islands near Omadhoo that you could have a visit organized.  There are many other activities to occupy yourself, from snorkeling, scuba diving, to fishing trips, etc. It would be worth to organize yourself as a group to occupy the small guesthouse, so you could share the transport and other costs. Even if you choose to be on your own, you will spend a lot less than staying in a resort. And you will  not regret.

No wonderland but paradise

Maldives tunes more with luxury, honeymoon, celebrities, etc. the kind of expensive  and five star award winning resorts where you get the services of highest quality that is more like wonderland, everything most of the time perfect.  On the other side small guest houses like Kuri Inn,  Coral View Inn and Kuri Beach View Inn in Omadhoo offers a low budget option and more unique experience that is only Maldivian the Human side of life idyllic Maldives at its best.


Image Credits: Kuri Inn