Maldives Tourism: definition of “maldive” for the Dictionary

Definition of Maldives in Tourism

Maldives is already a brand name in tourism and has its own unique characteristics representing a different concept that needs a definition  for the Dictionary.

The industry  has been developed by Maldivians. When it started in 1972, tourists were served nothing special, just the ordinary island life, and yet tourists enjoyed every minute. Tourists kept coming; and the industry developed to be the brand it is today. It’s time to find a definition of  the tourism brand for dictionary.


One of the historical explanation is that Maldives [mawl-deevz, mal-dahyvz] likely has its origin in the Sunskrit word maladvipa “garland of islands,” frommala “garland” + dvipa “island”. It’s amazing that so long ago people were able figure out the arrangement of the islands as such; in fact the map resembles a chain with a heart at the very bottom. The Sanskrit word mala  may have other meanings as well.

Official Description of Dictionary

Republic of Maldives refers to a group over 1200 islands of 26 atolls administratively run as 20 atolls with the capital as Male, in the midst of the Indian Ocean Southwest of Sri Lankan and India. With a population around 0.4 million as descendants of Sri Lankan, Indian, East African and Arabs, the people speak Dhivehi and are all Sunni Muslims.


How it is defined

Dictionary: country consisting of a chain of coral islands in the Indian Ocean south-west of Sri Lanka; population 396,300 (est. 2009); official language, Maldivian; capital, Male.

The islands were probably first settled from southern India and Sri Lanka, but later came under Arab influence. A British protectorate from 1887, the Maldives became independent within the Commonwealth under the rule of a sultan in 1965 and then a republic in 1968.

In modern day Tourism

Today if one speaks about country the first thing that comes to mind is a beautiful island with white sandy beaches, blue green lagoon, holiday and honeymoon destination. Henceforth, the word maldive (s) may be added to the English dictionary as follows:

Definition 1: maldive1, noun,  [mawl-deevz, mal-dahyvz] a tropical island built on living corals  with a white sandy beach, crystal clear lagoon surrounded by  coral reefs in the middle of blue sea. Application example: there are no maldives(1)(2) in Canada.

Definition  2: maldive2noun, A tropical resort island run as a  single hotel with its own amenities where the population consists of only the hotel guests and the staff of the hotel. (one island – one resort) Application example. A five star maldive

Definition 3: maldive3, adjective: used to describe an island that is run or can be developed as a single hotel as a maldive2, used with the word  island  as maldive island.

Tourism Definition of Maldives for the Dictionary

(the Maldives) (plural): a country in South Asia consisting of a group of over 1200 maldives1,2 in the Indian ocean southwest of India and Sri Lankan.

In tourism industry it is also referred to as the sunny side of life characterized by a natural atmosphere with plenty of the sun, sea, sand, and sky  available on pristine islands giving the tourists, the comfort, tranquility and delight that no other place on the planet could possibly give.

It is assumed that English Language Dictioanry has no word that fits the definitions