Maldives Healthcare Resort Awards

Healthcare Resorts because we don’t want call it No Smoking Resorts, not even Smoke Free Resorts. This is a concept based on positive promotion of a healthy life style. The intention is to encourage staff and visitors of the resorts  overcome the habits that do nothing good for them such as smoking. That will also elevate the resorts to Paradise status. We know that tobacco has no benefit, and smoking does not fit the delicacy of the Maldives islands.    Smoking is not a friend of the environment or nature.  If there is any place on earth that can facilitate to free man from nicotinic deception, it would be his  best habitat, the paradise of Indian Ocean, the Maldives where you have no need for smoking.

A note to the Minister of Tourism of the Maldives

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The Maldivian Government could introduce a Healthcare/Resorts Award or Healthcare Certification, in collaboration with ISO, WHO, or World Travel Awards, etc. The resorts or hotels will conform to a set of specific standards and criteria to achieve this recognition. Perhaps we need a certification authority to regulate and manage  a rating system for hotels, resorts and guest houses. Such a system will include a means of exhibiting the healthcare status establishments such as 5 Star Gold, 5 Star Silver etc.
Some Ideas for Healthcare Certification
The certification has five levels or categories and includes a color system. The following maybe good Maldives resorts.

Healthcare Platinum, the Paradise

Healthcare award paradise

This is the highest level of certification which is also the award winning level given to resorts where there is no smoking at all. Nobody smokes in the resorts including the staff, visitors and tourists. Nobody smokes. The color logo is for use with the name of the resort wherever is required. In the logo, the Maldive Green in the middle represents the islands, white represents the beach, the Maldive Lagoon Green represents the lagoon area around then island, Maldive Sky Blue represents the immediate sea beyond the reef. This logo means no one smokes anywhere on  the island including the lagoon and immediate sea encircling the island. Star ratings changes  as Five Star Platinum or Paradise, Four Star Platinum or simply paradise, etc.

Healthcare Gold

Healthcare Gold

This is the Gold level. The visitors and staff maybe smokers but they do not smoke anywhere in the island, beach or lagoon, including the reef around the island. But they can go to out the sea beyond the reef and smoke. The management of the resort  provides means to go there to smoke, at a cost. The Maldive Orange shows the areas where smoking is allowed, in this case, the immediate sea around the island just beyond the reef,  anyone can smoke.


Healthcare Silver
Healthcare silver

The third level. If anyone wants to smoke he has to go out into the lagoon or sea, not the island nor the beach. The resort may even provide a facility over water to do the smoking. This maybe a restaurant on water, smoking is allowed in the open air. In case if it is a normal restaurant, it should be  designated stations for smoking. It can also be an outpost built just for smoking, access maybe by boat or just walk through the water.

Healthcare Bronze

Healthcare Bronze

People can smoke in special areas on the island. outdoor coffee shops or restaurants located in the peripheral between the beach and core of the island. Nobody smokes inside any rooms, only resorts will designate special areas for smoking but not the beach.
Sales of any products of tobacco also have the same ruling, where nobody smokes, nobody sells. Resorts may charge additionally for those who smoke, to facilitate access to the smoking areas. The 4 colors are not previously defined or named hence named as Maldives Colors, for RGB combinations click article, Definition of Maldive Colors. Healthcare Award and Ratings can be used beyond smoking to  include healthy lifestyle and universal love. Readers may suggest more and if you like share it with the world.

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