Maldives Colors and the fundamentals of Maldivian Tourism

Colors of Maldives Tourism

Maldive Defined 

The English word maldives refers to tropical pristine island with a white sandy beach, crystal clear lagoon.  The second meaning is a tropical resort island which is independently run as a single hotel, and where the only residents are the tourists and the staff who serve them. The word can also be used as an adjective of the above two meaning.  The archipalego with over 1200 maldives is home to the one of the most successful tourism destination in the world. With the opening of Kurumba village as the first ever resort in the country, the industry has earned a luxurious brand under the very brand  , the sunny side of life

Four Maldive Colours

The Maldives has been defined. We can define maldive colors which are unique and represents the Maldivian tourism. These colors are mathematically defined to represent the sun, the sky, the sea, the sand and service which are the 5s pillars of Maldivian Tourism, or the fundamentals .

Maldive Orange

Maldive Orange represents sun which is the source of all energy (heat and light), and the sunny side of life. A closer look at the energy shows orange colors and it is never the same.

Maldive Sky Blue.

Various blue colors are used for meditation. Maldive blue refers to the all year round blue sky with fresh  and clean air that we enjoy in  the Maldives and is symbol of spirituality.

Maldive Lagoon (or Light) Green

This is the color that represents  sea, the crystal clear water and the various colors of underwater symbolizing the luxury, the colorful side of the Maldives.

White sand

White is the color of sand, and is the most romantic color. White sandy beach symbolizes romance.

Maldive Green

The color of the vegetation and that of the land seen from above, the land being where people live, represents the people and their service. Hence Maldive Green  symbolizes the human side of Maldivian tourism.

Color Definition for Maldives Tourism

The four colors are not  chosen, nor based on personal or any other preferences. These colors are derived to equate a specific mathematical concept, and at the same time to match the colors seen in the Maldives, as much as possible. The colors also represent the 5 fundamentals of Maldivian tourism. There is  no record of a specific name or definition for these RGB combinations and therefore are uniquely Maldivian and together with white represents Maldivian  tourism.

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