Experience Maldives the Sunny Side of Life with Maldivian

Experience the sunny Maldives

Yes,Experience the Maldives, the Sunny Side of Life refers to nature’s best habitat for man.

The place of nature’s magic – the wonder that happens when the blessing sunlight from the mighty sun, meets the little greenish islands surrounded by the most beautiful white sandy beaches amid a massive body of crystal clear water in the presence of atmosphere of fresh air. Sunny Side of life is the most unique and fulfilling experience of nature possible on the planet and arguably the ultimate desire of every man, its once-in-a-life-time must for all.


Let the amazing feeling begin when you meet a sweet maldives smile that is from one of those little islands, on board a Maldivian flight. Although the feeling is nothing like what awaits in such luxury resorts as Velaa Private Island, Maldivian, the national flag carrier proudly tries to delight you with the beauty and the friendliness of the Maldives and its people with the vision of being “the friendliest airline with unparalleled excellence”

Experience of Maldives begins

A visit to the Sunny Side can begin in any of the 16 airplanes operated by the Maldivian. However one has to reach any of the 6 destinations in China, two destinations is India, and Bangkok or Darka to get on-board the Maldivian A320 or A321. While the 8 Dash 8s will take you to the nearest airport to your dream destination there are only 6 Twin Otters, but more will soon join that will take you on a sight-seeing journey to no other place but precisely where you want to spend the rest of your visit.5You may want to quickly jump into the lagoon as soon as the Float Plane stops a few feet from the beach. However the staff of the Maldivian takes pride in their Excellence, in ensuring your Safety as their Customers and prevents you from doing that through a Team Work effort. Those are the core values of Maldivian, operated by Island Aviation Services Ltd. a state-owned company registered in the Maldives April 2000.
To ensure that you do not miss a thing during your ultimate experience Maldivian provides a number of other services including customized travel services through Maldivian Holidays, comfortable and relaxing atmosphere at the airport lounges, managing airports and cargo services.

At the heart of operation are mostly Maldivians from Pilots to Engineers to Ground Staff ensuring the safety of the customers and on-time departure for the flights are a highly trained and professional work force in each and every field, consisting of mostly Maldivians.malirplane

The operational base is at Male International Airport with a fleet of 8 Dash 8s and 6 Dash 6s airplanes and one A320 and A321.
Maldivian is commissioned to provide the customers with total satisfaction through innovative services to the highest standard of professionalism and commitment. Visit www.maldivian.aero. Visit The Sunny Side Of Life to experience the paradise the planet.

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