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According to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s dictionary ‘sunny side’ refers to the side of something that receives most sunlight from the sun. Maldives is  on  the equator and everywhere on the equator gets more than  12 hours of sun light. More sunlight  means  more intensity  of light  which is  harmful to humans. However, this is in contrast to the happiness  associated with the “ sunny side”.

Other meanings of sunny side

Unhappy with that definition of my favorite dictionary  I had to  google for sunny side meaning. And I that there are 3 meanings  of the phrase “sunny side”.

One: The part upon which sunlight fall; the side exposed to the sun’s rays;  the side of something that receives the sun for longest.  Examples are “I like to walk down the sunny side of the street;  the sunny side of the house; ; ‘a well-known hotel on the sunny side of the island’

Two:      a pleasant or hopeful aspect or part: the favorable optimistic aspect:; The more cheerful or pleasant aspect of a state of affairs. This   meaning is used with life i.e., the sunny side of life.  E.g.:a child usually sees only the sunny side; ‘he was fond of the sunny side of life

Three:To say that: some age less than one specified: You’re still on the sunny side of thirty, meaning early thirties.

maldives sunny side

Maldives as the sunny side

We are on the sunny side, true to its literal meaning, but not the  sunniest, which is good. We  get more than twelve hours of sunlight everyday.  This  is true because even before you  see the sun you get sunlight, and even after  the sets you get sunlight for sometime giving us more  than thirteen hours of daylight.

Sunny side of life fits Maldives, because the people here is general see optimism, everything happens for good. We take the lesson from the Prophetic stories such that of Yousuf (Joseph).  He became the king of Egypt because his brothers put him into a well, and travelers took him  and sold him, and later he was put in prison. Had he not gone through all that he would not have become the king of Egypt.  Life is not about worries it is about the good that it brings. And be ready  to die any moment there is good on the other side. The Sunny Side of life.


As for the third meaning  Maldivians in  general are ageless; we are actually younger than the calendar number of years. People often mistaken me many years younger than I  am. And they are right; calendar years is not the real age of a person; it’s the biological age which matters. According to  my last medical check up, my biological age is 10 years less.  This  is true for  most Maldivians. We are on the sunny side of life.

Sunny Side defined again

When we say Maldives   as the sunny side these is special meaning. It means Maldives; the sunny side of the world; or even the sunny side of life. This means we   get sunlight, not maximum not the longest, but the right amount at the right times. It is because this blessing of  the sun we get the azure, blue sky, blue sea, turquoise lagoon and even the white sand. It is the right amount for physical and mental wellness of a person to satisfy him/herself in both dimensions.


And that  gives a beautiful weather almost round the year, more than any  other place on the planet. No other people have been blessed so much. This  together with the positive or  cheerful aspect of life is the hope and faith that is inherent with the beauty  of Islam keeping the Maldivians on the sunny side. That reminds me of Prophet Muhammad who (it is said) to have joked with an old woman who cried; when he replied to a question from her, that old people never  go to  the Paradise. He added that everyone will enter Paradise young. 


It follows  that tourism itself is a search for  the sunny side by all means. Had Maldives been big enough to accommodate the world that could have been the end of tourism,when the Italians found the atolls in the early seventies. Perhaps its time to remind the Italians of the Sunny Side of Life.




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