About My Writing

I have completely fallen in love with tourism; it has been now more than a year. Circumstances led me to this path, perhaps as I time travel to the past with you, it might give you a hint of what I mean by ‘circumstances’.

On the other hand, I started writing on LinkedIn more than one year ago Alhough I have not written much, writing has always been my passion.  Writing and that is on tourism, is my primary interest It is not  not my primary job. Life is very simple for me now. There is no  job too worry about now, writing or blogging I have time, and my family.

When I say writing, it includes reading to get information, surfing the web, getting around the websites. I do not want to call myself a web designer, but in the past few months I have learnt a lot on website designing. In fact I can build my own website. I would prefer to hire a professional to do the job to save my time for writing. But now my youngest brother, he is the man behind the look on the website. I am glad.

About three month Back

I was able to focus my writings on tourism although in my friend’s opinion, I still need to simplify or refine my direction. Something which is not very easy given my diverse interest. Because of my engineering background I tend to think, ‘you know’ (one  way of saying it is), ‘at molecular level. At this stage I made one important decision which was actually suggested by my friend. That I would pursue Masters Program in Hospitality and Tourism Management at Maldives National University. He is the reason why this website is called Idyllic Maldives. I was about to use Marvelous .

Six Months Back

I published only eleven articles during 2015. The topics included mainly of philosophical subjects that I found more interesting. That followed a few articles on politics and later about Maldives and all the pieces fell into place; I finally found home. I decided to write about the Maldives.

What am I?

As a graduate of the Kingston University of UK, I like to be called an engineer and I am one. With  a Bachelors  Degree in the field of Aerospace Engineering Technology and Design, I am still qualified to be an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer though I have never been one. For most of my career I have been a manager or performed managerial level tasks, but I was never be called a manager and I am never fond of the being one.

I have had a most amazing and fulfilling career in the field of aircraft maintenance engineering which I enjoyed every second of it for over the last eighteen years. It was practically brought to an end. And that was one of the best things that ever happened in my life. Engineering is not limited to aviation, and hence engineer’s scope is limited.

Who am I?

My mother gave birth to me in RAF hospital in Gan, I was told and grew up in Hithadhoo, the second most populous island of the Maldives, and the capital of Addu City. I belong to the third position in a family of ten. I have my own family with two kids.

The Story of My Life

Anybody’s personal story will be a unique one, and so is mine, I hope to be able to tell my story one day, In sha Allah, (God willing).

Ahmed Hussain is my name

ahmed hussain

Ahmed Hussain

a good piece of writing carries only a fraction of what i intend to say

“If 1000 people saw your post, only 200 people will read it, 40 people understand it, 8 will have an opinion of it 20% of the 8 will want comment but 80% of those who want to comment will have no time. So if you get one comment from 800 readers, that’s good enough; keep on writing”

Ismail Hussain
Ismail Hussain