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About Idyllic Maldives

Welcome/Bienvenue/ Bienvenidos/Willkommen/Benvenuto/歡迎 (fùnyìhng) to the Sunny Side of Life.

Maldives, the land of the blue wherein there is the best of Sunshine delighting you under an azure blue Sky filled with freshest air,  a Sea wherein yo find the real beauty of Maldives.  A romantic white Sandy Beach surrounded by clear water lagoons. The Smile and Service of a friendly. That completes the 5S on the sustainability of  Tourism is ensured. Read about how the writer convincingly presents the Maldives as the No. one Natural Wonder on the face of the Earth.

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Coco collection

Maldives Coco collection | A Maldivian Brand That is Genuine

Looking for something genuine; that is genuinely Maldivian? Coco Collection is the choice, and you are home. The brand that sounds luxury is unique, and uniquely Maldivian. The name that takes pride in its Maldivian root is authentic,…
From the islands of paradise

Maldives | The Islands of Paradise

Islands there, Islands here, islands everywhere, islands on the South, Islands on the north; islands on the east islands on the west. There are more than a thousand islands. About 200 with people less than 150 as resorts where only the staff…

Maldives | Fighting for 'Sunny Side of Life'

There may be many places on the earth or elsewhere that can be rightly  called the sunny side. However there is only one place which can be truly called the "sunny side of life" meaning the 'cheerful aspect of life". This is to say that the…

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