From the islands of paradise

Maldives | The Islands of Paradise

Islands there, Islands here, islands everywhere, islands on the South, Islands on the north; islands on the east islands on the west. There are more than a thousand islands. About 200 with people less than 150 as resorts where only the staff…

Maldives | Fighting for 'Sunny Side of Life'

There may be many places on the earth or elsewhere that can be rightly  called the sunny side. However there is only one place which can be truly called the "sunny side of life" meaning the 'cheerful aspect of life". This is to say that the…
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Maldives | The Sunny Side of the World

According to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s dictionary ‘sunny side’ refers to the side of something that receives most sunlight from the sun. Maldives is  on  the equator and everywhere on the equator gets more than  12 hours of sun…

Maldives| Visit Hulhumale, enjoy the Nature for free.

Hulhumale is planned for the future. The ambitious plan of 2 phase project that began in 1997 the first phase was completed in 2002. With the experience of the  congested Male sometimes described as  a Concrete Jungle, Hulhumale offers a stress…
Amilla Fushi

Amilla | Maldivian Luxury Brand that is World Class

Amilla Fushi became the talk of the common. Even before the resort opened in 2014. It was not only because of the name itself. But because of the new ideas built into the resort, concepts rarely found in Maldivian tourism. Many will agree that…
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Marvelous Maldives: When you Meet locals

Maldivians are a friendly people who are happy and prefers a peaceful life. Many of them are shy and being so is considered good manners. So they may not start a conversation and maybe silent. But never mistaken them to be walls. Knowing a few…

Maldives Hulhumale | Big Masroshi served by Rio Water Sports

Gastronomy or local food tourism has never been a part of Maldives Tourism promotion and food may not in the in the minds of the visitors to the Maldives. Not that we do not have our own food. We are a rich culture with many varieties of delicious…
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Hulhumale: the future of Budget Tourism?

It’s Wednesday past noon,  a bright  sunny day, around 32 centigrade, I just had a look outside from the balcony on the Second floor of the beachfront house. Surprisingly the tables and chairs at the beach  restaurant  were empty except…
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Maldives | Search for the Sunny Side Defines Tourism

Why do people come to Maldives? Or any other place on the earth? Why do billionaires travel to Maldives? With all the money and luxury people are not happy. That’s the reason for holidaying? People want to escape from the unfulfilled life…
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Why Maldivians are a Happy People?

Generally, it’s my assumption that Maldivians are one of the happiest people of the world as a nation. There is no proof or research results to say this, it can be seen everywhere in the Maldives, happy people who are satisfied in general…
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Sea has been part of life in the Maldives always, but life has changed tremendously that it is not the same anymore. We cannot go back to that life even if we wanted, not many people will join.  That adventurous life is gone once and for all.…
Maldivian Tourism Kurumba


Most people talk about sun, sea, and sand, the three S tourism.  But there are two more equally important factors that make Maldivian tourism flourish. Hence there are 5 pillars of Maldivian tourism. Of the 5S, the fourth S is the Sky and the…