About My Writing

I started writing on LinkedIn about   everything and anything and changed the direction to writing about  thee Maldives. I was inspired by some of the good writers on linkedIn, it was a surprise that I could write on Linkedin to an international audience, hence it began. I have not written much, just approaching a hundred  posts on this blog.

What am I?

As a graduate of the Kingston University of UK, I like to be called an engineer and I am one. With  a Bachelors  Degree in the field of Aerospace Engineering Technology and Design, and Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s License. I worked as  a technical service engineer and  later as the  Manager  until January 2017.

Who am I?

My mother gave birth to me in RAF hospital in Gan, I was told and grew up in Hithadhoo, the second most populous island of the Maldives, and the capital of Addu City. I belong to the third position in a family of ten. I have my own family with two kids.

The Story of My Life

Anybody’s personal story will be a unique one, and so is mine, I hope to be able to tell my story one day, In sha Allah, (God willing).

Ahmed Hussain is my name

Ahmed Hussain

a good piece of writing carries only a fraction of what i intend to say

“If 1000 people saw your post, only 200 people will read it, 40 people understand it, 8 will have an opinion of it 20% of the 8 will want comment but 80% of those who want to comment will have no time. So if you get one comment from 800 readers, that’s good enough; keep on writing”

Ismail Hussain